Séminaire CINaM

18 Jan

Jeudi 18 Janvier 2018
Institut Lumière Matière, UMR5306 CNRS, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France and Instituto de Física
Size effects in physically prepared metal nanoparticles
In this presentation I will discuss experimental methods for the fabrication of mono- and bi-metallic clusters and nanoparticles in the gas phase by physical means. When embedded in stable solid matrices, they form cluster-assembled nanostructures with variable and size-dependent properties. In particular I will address the following topics as examples: Fabrication of cluster-assembled nanostructures: magnetron sputtering/aggregation versus laser vaporization. Size effects in the magnetic anisotropy of embedded cobalt nanoparticles: from surface to shape. Size effects in the electronic and vibrational relaxation in small silver clusters as evidenced by ultrafast femtosecond spectroscopy: the departure from the scalable size regime. Study of size effects in the electronic structure of size-selected very small silver clusters: optical spectroscopy vs. Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy. Structural, optical and magnetic properties of bi-metallic FeAg nanoparticles: optical spectroscopy, magnetometry and synchrotron-based XMCD and EXAFS.