Immunotherapy Day

Entrée libre, mais enregistrement nécessaire sur le site du CIML.

 Friday, May 24, 2019
At the Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, Campus Scientifique, Avenue de Luminy, Marseille.  Free admission, but registration required.
 "Immunotherapy Day"
-     8:30 : Welcome coffee
SESSION 1. Chairperson : Marc Bajenoff (CIML)
-     9:00: Pierre Golstein (CIML) : Introduction: innocent beginnings: CTLA-4 and others
-     9:30: Jérôme Galon (Cordeliers, HalioDX) : Cancer evolution and immune  microenvironment 
-     10:00: Laurence Zitvogel (Institut Gustave-Roussy) : Gut microbiome in   immunotherapy of cancer 
-     10:30: Coffee break
SESSION 2. Chairperson : Sandrine Roulland (CIML)
-     11:00: Jean-Jacques Grob (Hopital de la Timone, Marseille):  Immunotherapy from the clinical side (melanoma model)
-     11:30: Michel Sadelain (Sloan Kettering, New York): T cell engineering and CAR therapy
-     12:00: Eric Vivier (CIML, AP-HM, Innate Pharma): Next generation immunotherapies: targeting innate immunity 
SESSION 3. Chairperson : Bertrand Nadel (CIML, Institut Carnot Calym)
-      12:30:  Roundtable including Biotechs Delegates ( Roche, Innate Pharma, HalioDx, ImCheck Therapeutics, Celgene, others)
-     13:15: Lunch
End of Meeting