Over an area of 1200 m2, the nursery offers facilities and services tailored to your business.


From the initial designer building through the implementation of different networks, the Nursery Grand Luminy Technopole has been conceived to offer significant opportunities for modularity. Laboratories of 28 or 47 m2 and offices of 20 m2 allow you to make an arrangement to respond the specific requirements of your organization.

Laboratories (modular surfaces 28 or 47 m2)

Equipped with:

- Fixed and mobile benching

- Storage space

- Sink

- Lab Stools

- Telephone

- Access to ducts

- Access network


- 20 m2

- Telephone

- Possibility of furniture option

Archive box room

- Individual box of 3 m2 

Common dining room

- Frigidaire

- Microwave

- Distributors of drinks and snacks


Biotech Services

Platforms and shared services are the common needs of businesses by simplifying their operation and allowing your team to devote their time to tasks with higher added value.

Shared platforms

- Room cold (- 80 ° C)

- Laboratory equipped

- Laundry with dedicated staff and autoclave

- Platform waste

- Protection of RO water and ultrapure

- Ice Machine

- Black Room

Biotech services 

- Management of biological and chemical waste

- Management selective sorting

- System monitoring - 80 ° C and +4 ° C

- Blouses laboratories

- Controls laboratory equipment


Administrative Services

- Telephone and home visitors

- Mail Management

Meeting room

- 40 m2 / 20-25 people

- Projector

- Post conference call

- Wifi

- Fully adjustable


- Printer

- Fax

- Scanner

- Binder, cutter, paper shredder ...


Consulting and training


- For project managers Grand Luminy

- Access to partner networks

- Establishing contacts with institutions Luminy

- Access to training offered (breakfast)

- Access to library resources


- Page dedicated website in the Grand Luminy

- Articles in the letter and the Grand Luminy Newsletter

- Relay with institutions and local media