How it works

Eligibility criteria

Project holders can request to be accompanied by the Grand Luminy Technopole if:

- Their project have a link recent or past with the Marseille Luminy Scientific and Technology Park;
- Their projects are innovatives;
- Their projects provide jobs opportunities;
- Their project haven’t resulted in creation of companies that have failed in the past


If the project satisfies the eligibility criteria, it starts the pre-incubation phase. During this period, the operational team of Grand Luminy helps project holders to formalize their project. This phase will culminate in the creation of a summary and a project presentation slideshow. Theses documents will be use during the Steering Committee reunion. 

Steering Commitee

The project is then presented to the Steering Committee which will decide whether or not its integration into the structure of incubation. This presentation happens twice a year to appraise projects at the time their require for inclusion in the incubation.

The project holders present his project for 10 minutes followed by a session of questions and answers. Finally, the Committee deliberated and the answer is given on the same day or the next day.

Once certified, support the project begins. It is provided on a daily basis (s) responsible (s) mission Technopôle.

Selection process