AGL Association

An unifying structure and a relay of institutional partners

At the end of 1985, Mr. Dean Mebkhout and Daniel Francal, then Secretary General of the Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille Luminy (CIML), with the participation of all Luminy Park institutions, research laboratories and business companies that the association Grand Luminy was created with the aim of contributing to promote the Park Marseille Luminy, to ensure its animation and to assist its development.

For seven years, Grand Luminy Technopole lives and grows up with donations of Park’ institutions and volunteerism of its members, making the first bilingual brochure of the Park, a periodical “La Lettre du Grand Luminy” and participating in the organization of scientific and cultural events.

From 1991, accession and financial support provided by the City of Marseille, the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhone, the Regional Council Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marseille-Provence (CCIMP) allow a stable development of animation, communication and promotion actions of Grand Luminy as well as the economic and urbanity analysis of Luminy.


The implementation of a support management to start-ups

In 1993, a study conducted by the Central Society of Education Planning (SCET), financed by local authorities, concluded that was necessary to establish a promotion structure of scientific and technological potential of the Park and help the emergence of entrepreneurial projects. This study recommends that the Association Grand Luminy take responsibility for theses actions.

Thus, in 1995, was created the first French academic incubator, recognized in 1998 by the French Ministry of Research, thanks to the involvement of institutions of the Park and community support, the CCIMP and the Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and Environment (DRIRE). 


... Managing a welcoming nursery of young biotech companies

In 1997, two years after the creation of the incubator, the association Grand Luminy presents a project to a host structure for start-ups. The studies confirmed it and in 2005 the Marseille Provence Metropole Community Urban and the DRIRE contribute to the achievement of a nursery biotech business, delivered in late 2008.

Now the Marseille Luminy Park offers to designers, researchers, students and start-ups, a help complete system for the creation and development businesses actions going of the “information-awareness” to perennial accommodations and includes incubation of the projects and support to start-ups through the Grand Luminy Nursery. 



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